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The company set up with ultra modern and fully integrated high-class packaging facilities.

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Our Strength

Our strength lies embedded in our excellent and superlative selection of machinery

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Mission & Goal

Our mission is to strive continuously to exceed customers' expectations for achieving unlimited excellence

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Capabilities of Bengal FlexiPak Limited

We offer a full basket of high class printing and packaging solutions for all type of multilayer flexible packaging with the production capacity of 300 MT per month including new products like pharmaceutical (Tablet, Capsule) packaging and disposable cup, plate, glass, tray etc.


For ensured good quality, we are doing following tests

  • Leak tester is to measured leak & seal strength of packages. Also it used to conducts bust creep and creep to failure test.
  • Tensile tester, equipped with professional puncture fixture, can be used puncture of plastic film.
  • We used COF tester to test co efficient of static and kinetic friction of plastic films.
  • We use peel tester to ensured lamination strength.
  • We ensured moisture vapor transmission rate by the equipment of MVTR TESTER.

Our Competitive Skills

We have a group of professional people for Production, Sales & Marketing and other departments specialized and skilled for flexible Multilayer Printing & Packaging experienced for more than 10 years.


Customer Service and Customer Response

Always we try to ensure good customer service by our strong time management skill so that our customer response is very high compare to others.