Our Quality Management System

Quality is very important and major part for our industry. We have a very strong and skilled Quality Control team with a very modern Quality Control System that an ensure the customer 100% quality full product by ensuring quality in every part of our production process.

Uncompromising commitment to quality

Our sophisticated quality control facilities at Bengal Feed & Fisheries Limited are comparable to the best in Bangladesh. Always we follow TQM. All production bathces are subjected to process ability test for wide range of critical performance properties. These tests are done on standard processing equipments in the laboratory, Simulating actual processing.

Our Corporate Values

Customer Care
Customer is our king and we are their laypeople. Our customers bring us such success for as long years, so we care about our customers.

Delivery & Reliability
We have a proven track record of reliability, timeline and good performance for delivery clients can depends on us.

Employee care
Employees are our best resource. Our cultures begin with integrity, continuous innovation, involvement and self respect. We help our employee’s growth.
Trade & Business case
Our trade & business partners are our great support. Through them, we reach to our ultimate customer. They provide support to our entire our promotional activities & merchandising program. We care for our trade partners.