About Our Company

Bengal Feed & Fisheries Limited is the brainchild of some professionals who having been successful in large-scale industrial experiences. They felt the scarcity and need for a well managed feed manufacturing industry in the country. Feed (Poultry & Fish Feeds) plays an important role in the social & economic existence of Bangladesh. It contributes more than 5% to the GDP of the country which providing full-time employment to approximately 1.2 million people in addition a very large number of people are engaged in subsistence feed processing and in activities related to the poultry sector. Feed provides 80% of the feed demand intake of the poultry & fish feed side of Bangladesh. Fishery and poultry sector appeared to be the most attractive sector as Bangladesh predominantly an agriculture based economy and yet there exists very few organized support industries in this sector. Lately, the government of Bangladesh (GOB) is encouraging up of fish culture, poultry and diary in organized industry form; and in the backdrop of the huge population and unprecedented GOB support, quality fish, poultry and animal feed manufacturing projects emerged as the most suitable area of investment. Subsequently, the promoters carried out an exclusive research on the fisheries, poultry and diary industries and found out that this sector has failed to grow rapidly due to lack of quality, balanced feed. As profit margin for diary feed is minimum at this time, the promoters want to produce all kind of poultry & fish feed (Sinking & Floating). The proposed machinery will give maximum flexibility for doing so. Apart from that the promoters have visited various feed manufacturing industries in Asia and Europe for gathering versatile experiences in animal feed industries.

Overview of our Company

Bengal Feed & Fisheries Limited is a Private Limited Company formed by the sponsors having incorporation from the register of Joint Stock Companies (RJC) under Reg. No. C-92599/11 and date of incorporation 9 May, 2011, Dhaka Govt. of Bangladesh. The Bengal Feed & Fisheries Limited established for production of poultry & fish (Sinking & Floating) feeds in 2015 which located at Rasulpur, Begumgonj, Noakhali. A modern feed mill having capacity 10 ton/hour were imported from Denmark now producing well-balanced Pellet & Mash feeds for the farmers. All incoming raw materials are selectively screened and analysed before using for feed production. Several qualitative and quantitative checks have been built in the production and handling process to ensure a strict quality control. Through it’s strong commitment to quality and service “Bengal Feed’ has become very popular in our country. Through a nationwide network of agents and sales representatives NATIONAL sales a wide range of products and succeeds in shortening the distance between producer and farmer. The company set up with ultra modern & fully integrated high-class manufacturing facilities. It is fully equipped technically & prepared to meet the exacting and demanding nature of manufacturing to meet the needs of all farmers.