Our Quality Management System


Quality is very important and major part for our industry. We have a very strong and skilled Quality Control team with a very modern Quality Control System that can ensure the customer 100% quality full products by ensuring quality in every part of our production process.


Uncompromising commitment to quality

Advanced Quality Assurance

Our sophisticated quality control facilities at Bengal FlexiPak ltd, are comparable to the best in Bangladesh. Always we follow TQM. TQM is followed at every level as per ISO norms as the part of the continuous efforts to maintain the highest quality standards. All production batches are subjected to process ability test for wide range of critical performance properties. These tests are done on standard processing equipments in the laboratory, simulating actual processing.


Advanced Testing Facilities

Electronic Balance

Screw gases

Universal Tensile tester


COF Tester

Leak tester

Peel tester


Seal strength detector

MVTR Tester


We collected all equipment from world famous testing equipment company, Lab Think International Co. Lab Think supplied us their best quality of testing equipment that are highly appreciated for their accuracy level, innovative design, portability and easy installation. Packaging is a critical part of food production as it protects the product from damage until is used or sold.For ensured good quality,we are doing following tests:


Delivery Performance and Reliability

We have a proven track record of reliability, timeline, and good performance for delivery. Clients can depend on us.

Customer Service and Customer Response

Always we try to ensure good customer service by our strong time management skill so that our customer response is very high compare to others.